Tell us a bit about Shaun’s Big Show. What is in store for people who come along?

As a show there’s something for everybody – whether you’re 5 or 105 you’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate Shaun’s Big Show. We have a hilarious story, fantastic music, amazing choreography, wonderful costumes, stunning scenery and mind boggling magic. All this and the opportunity to see 11 sheep perform their very own version of River Dance live on stage…it could very well prove to be the theatrical event of the year!

Will there be a play/fun area for those coming to watch the show?

Outside the theater there will be an exhibition area arranged by MBC 3 and the event sponsors. All those coming to watch the show can spend time in the play area and get involved in the games, competitions and educational activities taking place.

In which language will the show be?

Just like the TV series Shaun the Sheep, there will be no script! So there’s no language barrier and anyone can understand the show.

In which countries was the show staged before? And what were the reviews about it?

“Shaun’s Big Show” has just finished a 30 weeks tour in theaters across the United Kingdom and now is coming to the Middle East for the very first time to show in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There show scored excellent 5 stars reviews for both adults and juniors by the most popular theater critics.

Do we get to meet and greet Shaun the sheep?

Shaun the sheep will be making an appearance across the Kingdom at different malls and outlets. Please visit our website again to find out more details.